Org 3D help Fast Growth Tech companies acquire and retain talent, anywhere in the world.

We support clients across their entire org charts; from sales and marketing, through to technical and operations.

We operate on a global scale, and have successfully placed candidates in San Francisco, New York, London, Paris, Rotterdam, Berlin, Singapore… and everywhere between!


We fully map the org charts of your competition: Role / Function-specific, Location-Specific [Find potential relocators], Level-Specific.

We provide you with access to a cloud based ‘mission sheet’ showing you real-time progress on our searches. This includes valuable insights from the conversations we are having with candidates.

We follow-up with candidates sufficiently until they’re ‘in’ or ‘out’. Most candidates get contacted via LinkedIn, and on average, will respond 35% of the time. What is happening to the other 65%?

Our Multi-Touch Point Campaign means that no stone is left unturned on the search:

  • Bespoke LinkedIn Recruiter InMail
  • Switchboard headhunting
  • Mobile number gathering / out of hours calling
  • Unique referrals within network
  • ‘Off grid’ candidates – not on LinkedIn/hidden on LinkedIn
  • Work email contact / Personal email contact
  • Text Messaging / WhatsApp
  • Personalised Video Messaging


We provide valuable insights on your talent landscape. What would you like to know?…

  • Who are the top performing people within your competitor’s organisation?
  • What do your competitor’s employees think of your company / talent brand?
  • What are they being paid?
  • What’s their commission structure?
  • How can you attract them?
  • What are the biggest challenges your competitors are facing?
  • Why wouldn’t they look to join your company?
  • Where are your competitors hiring from?.


Continuous networking and promotion of your company / talent brand to relevant candidates.

It can take time to build relationships and turn the heads of passive candidates; they often need more touch points over a longer period of time.

Having full visibility of your medium-term hiring plans enables us to proactively pipeline the best people, and introduce them ahead of schedule.

We engage candidates for you; ready for when the timing is right. By doing this, we can reduce the time to hire by 55%. [Avg. 26 days]